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Frequently asked questions
  • Charging
    • How to plug the connector correctly ?

      When plugging the connector, make sure that there are no chips on it, it is not blocked with snow or dirt.

      Plug the connector tighly until the locking system clicks.

    • Do Malanka charging stations have Type1 or GB/T connectors?

      Malanka charging stations are not equipped with Type 1 or GB/T connectors.

      Type2, CHAdeMO and CCS Combo2 connectors are available at our stations.

    • Can multiple users charge at one stations at the same time?

      Mode 4 charging stations (CHAdeMO or CCS) can charge only one vehicle at a time.

      If the station also has a Mode 3 connector (Type 2), then one Mode 4 connector and one Mode 3 connector can be used at a time.

      Mode 3 charging stations can charge two cars at the same time. Please note that only one charging session can be started from one account at a time.

    • I cannot restart the charging session remotely.

      Plug the connector once again for successful restart.

    • Is the output power lower than the capacity of the station?

      The power of the charging session depends on many parameters, such as the battery temperature, the degradation factor of the battery, the model of the electric vehicle, etc.

    • How can I stop charging session in case of emergency?

      You can stop the charging session from the mobile app, or by pressing the emergency button on the station.

      ATTENTION! After emergency stop, disconnect the gun from the electric vehicle and release the button.

    • What are the operating hours of charging stations?

      Charging stations are available 24 hours a day.

      Access to charging stations located on the territory of third parties is carried out according to the work schedule of the organization.

    • What electric vehicles can be charged?

      Battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) can be charged at the Malanka charging network.

    • What is the output power at Malanka stations?

      Mode 3 AC-powered charging stations with a Type 2 connector can provide a maximum voltage of up to 400 V, a current of 32 A, and a power of 22 kW. Usually it's 400 V 32 A ~ 22 kW with three-phase connection and 230 V 32 A ~ 7.4 kW with single-phase connection. Mode 3 can fully charge an electric vehicle in 6-8 hours.

      Powerful Mode 4 DC-powered charging stations with CHAdeMO and CSS connectors can charge the battery of an electric vehicle up to 80% in 30 minutes (with output power of 50 kW). CHAdeMO connectors are designed for a maximum voltage of 500 V and a current of 125 A with a power of up to 62.5 kW. The CSS connector is designed for 200-500 V at 200 A and a power of 100 kW. Fast Mode 4 charging station can charge the battery in just 7 minutes for 35 kilometers of travel - several trips around the city.

    • Is it possible to charge an electric vehicle during rain/snow? How does low temperature affect the charging process?

      Yes, without fear of electric shock or damage to the machine.

      The electric car and charger have several levels of protection for such cases. They are equipped with numerous safety functions for short circuit prevention. The charging session will not start (the current will not go) until the connection is securely protected. Until the electric car and charger "make sure" that everything is safe. Vice versa, when the connector is removed from the socket, the power supply stops before releasing the connector lock.

    • Is it possible to charge at stations with capacity higher than the capacity of my electric car?

      Electric vehicles can be charged at all compatible fast or slow Malanka charging stations.

      At stations with output power higher than the electric vehicle can consume, the output power of charging session will be equal to the maximum power allowed for this vehicle.

    • How is cable theft protection provided in the case of using my own charging cable?

      During the charging session at the stations the charging cable is fixed in the connector of the electric vehicle and remains locked until you stop the session from the application.

    • Does the cable disconnect automatically?

      The charging gun is fixed in the socket of the electric vehicle. To disconnect it, you need to press the button on the connector. The button is automatically locked after the start of the session and unlocked after the end of the session, but you need to remove the charging gun manually by pressing the button.

      Malanka draws the attention of electric vehicle owners: driving an electric vehicle connected to a charging station is strictly prohibited.

    • Is it true that an electric car fills up 80% of the charge much faster than the next 20% ?

      The charging speed depends on the chemical and physical processes occurring in the battery and the charging is carried out according to the algorithm. When charging at fast Malanka stations, the charging time of the last 20% of the battery capacity increases significantly. Manufacturers use this charging control method to increase the service life and performance of your electric vehicle's battery.

    • Is it possible to leave an electric car without charging for a long time? For example, at the airport ?

      In places designed for charging electric vehicles, you can leave the vehicle only during the charging session.

    • How to plug the connector correctly when using an adapter?

      1. Plug the adapter to the electric vehicle, then plug the connector to the adapter.

      2. When plugging, make sure that there are no chips on it, it is not blocked with snow or dirt.

      3. Plug the connector tightly until the locking system clicks.

    • I can't disconnect the CHAdeMO connector after the end of the charging session. What should I do?

      In order to disconnect the blocked connector, it is necessary to open the plug at the bottom of the connector base and softly pull the cable of the locking mechanism to yourself. Then, after hearing a signiture sound, you can remove the connector.

    • What connector standards are used at Malanka stations?

      1. Type 2 (Mennekes): The 7-pin connector is typical for European electric vehicles. This connector can be used with a single-phase and three-phase system. Usually it provides 400 V 32 A ~ 22 kW with three-phase connection and 230 V 32 A ~ 7.4 kW with single-phase connection.

      2. CHAdeMO: 2-pin DC connector. Designed for use at high-power Mode 4 DC charging stations, allowing to charge the battery of an electric vehicle up to 80% in 30 minutes (with a capacity of 50 kW).

      3. CCS Combo (Type 2) is a combined connector that allows you to use both slow and fast charging points. The connector operation is possible due to the inverter technology converting direct current into alternating current. Charging with CSS Combo 2 is designed for 200-500 V at 200 A and a output power of 100 kW.

  • Mobile application
    • How to delete a card from the application ?

      Go to "Payment" and click on "Deposit", then select the card and click on the trash icon in the upper right corner.

    • Can you tell me how to install the Malanka application on my phone without the App Store / Play Market?
      Link to download the Malanka mobile app: Download
    • My account in the application is blocked, how can it be unblocked?

      An account can be blocked if you repeatedly enter an incorrect password when logging in. In this case, the period of blocking is 30 minutes.

      In case you have forgotten your password, you can use the recovery option (the "Change Password" button when you log in).

    • Where can I get (see) information about parking availability?

      In the personal profile window of the main menu, click on the right side of the screen and go to the window with the map of charging stations.

      In the opened window with the GPS map the current location of the user and electric charging stations are displayed with the marking of their status.

      To view electric charging station information, the user clicks on the green station label and the "Station Information / Route" button.

      In the case of restricted access to the parking lot near the electric charging station, the information will be displayed in the "Access" line.

    • I can't see the stations on the map in the app. What should I do?

      Make sure that your device has an active Internet connection.

      Try to reset the filter settings in the application by selecting the filter icon in the upper right corner and, in the lower right corner of the menu that appears, click "Reset".

    • How to start a charging session in the mobile app ?

      To start the charging session, plug the connector to the electric car.

      In the app in the lower right corner, click on the lightning bolt icon - scan the QR code of the connector.

      Press the "Continue" button.

  • Payment questions
    • Can you tell me the price of charging at Malanka charging stations?

      Alternating current (AC) charging service: 0.35 BYN/kW*h;

      Direct current (DC) charging service: 0.45 BYN/kW*h.

    • How to remove a bank card from the application ?

      Click on the cart icon in the upper right corner of the card, after selecting the amount of recharge.

    • How to return the funds from the internal balance of the application ?

      To return funds from the internal balance, you must submit the following documents to (duplicate information to

      1. A scan of your approved application for a refund of the required amount;

      2. The receipt (can be downloaded from the Malanka mobile app, Payments section);

      3. A scan of the last pages of your passport, authorized by you.

    • What are the methods of payment in the Malanka network?

      1. Internal balance

      Internal Balance - a special account of the User in Malanka, reflecting the amount of money that the User is entitled to use to receive Services. In order to replenish the internal balance, you need to enter the "Payments" menu item. Then, select the amount to be recharged and click on "Deposit". Then you choose a bank card for recharging. After that your internal balance will be replenished on the amount, which was selected earlier. With this type of payment, there will be no preauthorization of funds and after selecting the connector you do not need to select a credit card.

      2. Preauthorization of funds

      If you are charging for the first time, after entering the card data, save it. For subsequent charging you will simply select the card by clicking on it, and then the charging session will start. If you want to enter another card data, select the "Enter card data" tab again. Important! At each charging session after selecting a card for payment you will be reserved an amount of money depending on the connector chosen: Type2: 12 rubles Chademo/CCS: 25 rubles

    • Where can I get a check ?

      Information about completed charging sessions can be found in the corresponding section of the main menu "Completed sessions".

    • Is it safe to enter my debit card data?

      Entering payment card data into the mobile app is absolutely safe.

      The data of the payment card stored in the application is stored on the User's device and is transmitted via secure data transfer channels for authorization directly to the processing center.

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