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On November 12, a meeting of electric motorists with representatives of the Malanka

On November 12, a traditional event took place – electric car drivers were invited to visit a route of three stations to check the charging connector of an electric car or adapter.

Malanka offers to visit a route of three stations

12.11.2021 Malanka offers to visit a route of three stations to check the charging connector of an electric car or an adapter

Malanka Support Service

Malanka support service is available around the clock

Malanka recalls the main factors that affect the power reserve of an electric car

Factors affecting the power reserve of your electric vehicle

Malanka reminds the basic rules of behavior at public charging points

"Charging etiquette" of electric car drivers

Malanka offers to visit a route of three stations

01.07.2021 Malanka offers to visit a route of three stations to check the charging connector of an electric car or an adapter

Chatbot to help EV drivers launched in Belarus

Malanka has launched a chat bot that gives detailed answers to the questions of electric vehicles drivers about payment, charging and operation of electric cars.

For future owners of Chinese electric vehicles

The demand for Chinese EV has significantly grown in Belarus. Charging points experts warn about possible charging problems
Обновление Android

New version of Malanka has been released on Android and iOS platforms

Important update of the Malanka mobile app.

Malanka Account Registration Guide

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the mobile app before you start charging the electric car!
inner balance

New payment options in Malanka network

On January 1, 2021 the charging network of RUE "Production Association "Belorusneft" started charging for electric vehicle charging services through mobile MALANKA
Malanka Оферта

Public offer for the provision of electric vehicle charging services to individuals in the Malanka network

Public offer for the provision of electric vehicle charging services to individuals in the Malanka network
charging manual

Instructions for charging in the Malanka network

Since January 1, ECS Malanka implement charging fees.. Please, read the instructions before you start charging!

Starting Jan. 1, 2021, charging rates for electric cars at Malanka stations will be introduced.

Starting January 1, 2021, there will be charging rates for electric cars at Malanka stations. You will only be able to pay for charging with your bank card linked to your account in the Malanka mobile app.

Malanka network of electric charging stations wishes you a Happy New Year!

Malanka network of electric charging stations congratulates electric drivers and all those who are planning to become them, with the New Year holidays! 🎅🏼

Warning! Carrying out technical works

On December 22, from 10:00 a.m. there will be maintenance work at Malanka's electric charging infrastructure.
It will not be possible to use the charging stations until 1:30 p.m.

During the year the amount of energy consumed by electric vehicles has increased 4 times

Electric cars are one of the few industries that in 2020 demonstrated growth both in Belarus and in the world as a whole. According to estimates of Malanka electric charging station network, the number of electric cars in the country has already exceeded 1600 cars, a...
Malanka achive

The winners of the VI Republican contest “Energy Efficiency Leader of the Republic of Belarus-2020” announced

The results of the contest "Leader of energy efficiency of the Republic of Belarus-2020" were summed up on November 10 in Minsk as part of an online ceremony

Usage of adapters and activation of stations through the application. What should the owners of electric cars pay attention to?

In order to ensure that the use of electric charging stations does not cause any difficulties, the Malanka electric charging station network advises to pay attention to some features of their operation.
Malanka interview

Almost 1000 Belarusian electric drivers took part in testing of Malanka mobile app

Since the launch of the Malanka mobile application in July this year, it has been downloaded by over 2000 drivers. Even before the official launch of the application, the specialists of the Malanka electric charging station offered the Belarusian electric drivers to ...
Cупербыстрые ЭЗС

In 2021, Belarus will have the first super-fast charging stations

The number of charging stations in 2021 will grow to 600, new incentive measures for drivers of electric cars will appear, and the traffic police will consider making changes to the traffic rules. Andrey Kotik, Belorusneft Deputy Director, told about what awaits the ...
Malanka ЭЗС

In spring, the first eco-parking for electric cars appeared in Lebyazhye. We looked how it feels now.

Development of electric transport is one of the priority tasks for Belarus. In addition to import privileges for electric cars and still free electricity at charging stations, our country is also developing infrastructure. By the end of the year there will be about 2...

In Minsk driving school the training car was replaced by an electric car

According to research company Canalys, sales of electric cars in Europe grew by 72% in 2020, while the market for cars with internal combustion engine fell by 26%. According to estimates of the Belarusian national operator of filling station network Malanka, in less ...
ЭЗС Маланка

In 2020, the number of electric charging stations will increase to 400

The Malanka network of charging stations summed up the work for the half of the year and voiced current statistics on the number of filling stations and electric cars in Belarus. Since early summer, the number of electric cars in Belarus has doubled. If in early spri...

Pleasant exception for EV drivers in Minsk

On September 22, World Car Free Day, Minsk drivers are called to refuse personal transport. A pleasant exception is made for electric cars, for them bonuses are prepared on the contrary: all owners of electric cars on this day will be able to drink free coffee in sev...
Зарядные станции для электромобилей

Now it will be possible to charge the electric car only through the mobile application

Detailed instructions for using the Malanka mobile app at the link

From September 21, it will be possible to charge the electric car on all 267 ch...

Confusion of charging connectors for electric car?

What happens if the charging connectors for an electric car are mistaken?
Novice electricians often ask the question: what will happen if you use the "wrong" charging connector.

Help the Red Cross

Lack of vehicles complicates the work of the Red Cross. The standard mode of transportation - by public transport - requires much more time. Sometimes nurses are physically unable to get to one or another point.

Prospects for the brand Malanka

Now the Malanka gas station network is designed to service 9 thousand electric vehicles, in two years this figure will increase to 35 thousand.

Buying an electric car

Motorists, comparing the purchase of an electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine, first of all evaluate the effectiveness. The economic component consists of two factors - the cost of the electric car and the cost of ownership.

Adapters and connectors for electric cars

Currently, manufacturers of charging stations and electric vehicles are moving towards a unified approach to charging connectors.

The future is not far off

Renewable energy in conjunction with electric transport is the future that is efficient and 100% environmentally friendly, which is especially important for countries dependent on external energy resources like Belarus.

10 years – minimum for electric car battery

Batteries in electric vehicles are designed for long-term operation with serious protection, which helps prevent their premature wear.

See what interesting numbers

In 2017, there were 17 electric charging stations in Belarus, and today it is already 264. There are 350 electric cars in Belarus so far, and the infrastructure is so developed that already 9 thousand such cars can be serviced today.

From Minsk to Brest by electric car

The direction Minsk-Brest is one of the most popular among electric motorists. It was the M1 highway that Belorusneft provided the charging stations in the first place.

Electric vehicles will cost less to entrepreneurs

The electric car will cost entrepreneurs comprehensively at 33% cheaper. Firstly, due to the cancellation of the customs duty ー when importing a car, legal entities will no longer pay extra 15% of the cost of the electric car.

Construction of the first eco-stand Malanka in Lebyazhye

In the Lebyazhy microdistrict in Minsk, we launched the construction of the first Malanka eco-site. We admit: the idea was spied in Europe, where separate eco-parking for electric vehicles is a trend.

Electric cars will be 38% cheaper

Decisions are made at lightning speed. The Council of the Eurasian Economic Union announced the zeroing of customs duties on the import of electric vehicles. It is 15% and, together with zero VAT, gives a total of 38% of the benefits when buying an electric car.

Malanka charges electric cars at lightning speed

For this, stations of the Mode 3 and Mode 4 type are already operating throughout Belarus. At stations of the Mode 3 type, the electric car can be fully charged in 6-8 hours. They can leave the car, for example, at night.

Electric Vehicle Cost Reduction

The latest news arrived!
Today, a decree on the promotion of the use of electric vehicles was considered, including the cancellation of VAT when buying an electric car abroad