Important information about our brand

By 2017, RUE “Production Association“ Belorusneft ”totaled only 17 gas stations. In 2018, a Presidential Decree was signed, which determined RUE “Production Association Belorusneft” as the National Operator. At the end of 2019, RUE “Production Association Belorusneft” launched 251 stations across the country, which are now capable of servicing up to 9,000 electric vehicles. By the end of 2020, about 400 charging stations were already successfully operating in our network. To date, this figure has already passed the mark of 450 stations. By increasing the number of charging points, we are able to work with 15,000 customers daily. In the near future, the network will expand to 600 stations.

At the end of 2019, RUE Belorusneft Production Association united a network of charging stations under the Malanka brand. By 2022, 639 charging stations will be launched, at which it will be possible to replenish the range of 32-35 km in just 7 minutes. In support of this, since 2020, pools of fast EZS have been created from 6 stations with a capacity of 50 kW. Such complexes are the know-how of Belarusian developers. There are no charging complexes where 6 electric vehicles can be charged at the same time in any of the CIS countries. By 2024, the company plans to develop a network of superfast electrical refueling, and the first pilot project will appear by the end of 2022. In just one minute at these stations it will be possible to replenish the cruising range by 32 km.


Modern charging stations

For a comfortable and quick charge, stations of type 3 and Mode 4 already work for you throughout Belarus. At stations of type type 3, the electric...

Супербыстрые ЭЗС Маланка

Development prospects

Malanka. The continuation of the history of the brand

In the middle of 2021, we have already launched 450 stations. The capacity is about 15000 cars.

Beginning of the history of the brand “Malanka”

The history of the Belarusian charging infrastructure began with the installation of the first charging station in 2014.