At the end of 2019, we launched 251 stations. The capacity is about 9000 cars.

They include two types of stations with fast and express charging. At the same time, they are located in order to maximize the comfort of their use for owners of electric vehicles.

On tracks at an optimum distance from each other for electric vehicles. In cities – in parking lots near major commercial, iconic sports and cultural sites, in order to be accessible for most drivers, including platforms for potential car-sharing electric vehicles.

We understood that, taking into account our ambitions, our new direction, which defines one of the promising vectors of the company’s development, requires the definition of its own “name”. For these purposes, RUE “Production Association“ Belorusneft ”united a network of charging stations under the brand Malanka.

The name symbolizes the energy that drives electric cars, speed and manufacturability at the same time, its origin during pronunciation allows you to feel pride in the development of electric vehicles in Belarus.