Новые ПДД запретят парковаться на местах для зарядки электромобилей

ГАИ продолжает знакомить с изменениями ПДД. Сам текст Указа N145, которым утверждены новые ПДД, опубликован cегодня, 26 апреля, известно, что он вступит в силу спустя полгода после официального опубликования.

C 1 мая 2022 года Malanka изменяет тарифы на услуги по зарядке электромобильного транспорта.

– медленная зарядка: 0,35 рублей/кВт·ч
– быстрая зарядка: 0,45 рублей/кВт·ч

Zeroing the customs duty on the import of electric vehicles to the EAEU countries until 2024

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission decided to cancel the customs duty on the import of electric vehicles into the EAEU countries until 2024.

New Malanka stations in 2022

During 2022, it is planned to build and put into operation new charging stations with an emphasis on developing their network in regional cities.

Dear clients!

Banks BelVEB, Dabrabyt, Belinvestbank, Technobank reported problems in the operation of payment cards. Difficulties when replenishing the balance of Malanka.

Malanka network launches new service “Helping to recharge”

Are you just getting acquainted with electric vehicles and do not know how to charge properly, which connector to choose, or are you looking for answers to questions related to electric vehicles? Malanka will help you get used to it quickly, register and recharge. Si...

Electric cars in carsharing: how much do they cost and are they profitable for business

On May 1, 2019, car sharing of Hello cars started in Minsk, at the time of launch they had only Volkswagen Polo in their fleet. Three years later, in 2022, all the “cherries” of the automotive world are collected here (such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodg...

Features of owning electric cars in the conditions of the Belarusian winter

Despite the fact that the number of electric vehicles and charging stations is growing, motorists still have a number of doubts about whether to buy an electric car with our winters. What will you have to face? What are the features of operation? Malanka prepared the...

On November 12, a meeting of electric motorists with representatives of the Malanka

On November 12, a traditional event took place – electric car drivers were invited to visit a route of three stations to check the charging connector of an electric car or adapter.