The traffic police continue to introduce changes to the Road Traffic Regulations. The text of Decree N145, which approves the new traffic rules, was published today, 26 April, and it is known to come into force six months after its official publication.

If a driver violates the rules for parking or standing still, which results in obstruction of traffic or endangers the safety of citizens, as well as in case of stopping or parking a vehicle without a disabled parking plate in a place designated for disabled people, or parking the vehicle in a place designated for charging electric cars, traffic police officers are entitled to carry out forced towing (evacuation) of such vehicles from the designated place.

Head of enforcement department of State Traffic Police of Ministry of Internal Affairs Lieutenantcolonel Alexander Shevchenko reported the following: “We have taken into account the problem of parking at the charging places when preparing the innovations to the Road Traffic Rules. When they come into force, it will be prohibited to park in such places if the car is not being charged at the time. Violators will be held administratively liable.

Alexander Shevchenko also added: “A number of measures are aimed at encouraging the use of electric vehicles. Among them is the possibility for electric cars to drive in the lane designated for public transport traffic” .