The electric Geely Geometry C had every chance of becoming a truly popular model for Belarus. A new car, an attractive price at first, a local warranty and service - there were plenty of prerequisites for it to become another bestseller. Nevertheless, now the future of the "Geometry" is unclear: will they continue to deliver the "electric car" in the country and the main thing, for what money - is still an open question. We found out impressions of the car's owner who was lucky to buy a copy of the first batch. He considers the electric car to be decent and sees no serious drawbacks in it.

“The Russians are ready to pick up the Geometry C for $50,000 as well!”
Konstantin, an IT expert, has owned a Geely Geometry C since December last year. Before the electric car, he ran a petrol Lada XRay.

– He bought the Lada as a New Year present: he liked the unusual design of the model. I drove it from 2017 until last December. It was about the same with the Jili,” recalls our protagonist. – The Geometry C arrived at the end of December – I was advertised and came to the dealership. I was told at the time that I was the first customer.

The man explains the spontaneity of the purchase simply. He had been eyeing a BMW that had been on sale for months. “If they do not take it, I have nothing to rush for,” reasoned the Belarusian. However, at some point, the car was bought, so Konstantin had to look for an alternative. The Geely Geometry C turned up just at the right time.

– I’ll be honest: I was upset when the BMW was taken away. But the same day, shortly before the dealerships closed, the information slipped on the forum that Geometry C has appeared at the “official dealers”. Naturally, I promptly drove up to the nearest showroom and left my contact number and in the morning I started inquiring about the availability of the “electric” at other dealers. Откликнулись ребята с Тимирязева: у них был «отказник», который мне подошёл по всем параметрам. Классный серый цвет и максимальная комплектация — всё совпало. Домой я вернулся уже на новой машине.

По словам мужчины, к переходу на электромобиль его подвигла любовь к электросамокатам, а таковых у него три: для внедорожной езды, передвижения по городу и более долгих прогулок.

— Я убедился, что любой электротранспорт удобен, выгоден и неприхотлив. Ну и экология — важный фактор! — подчёркивает наш герой.

— Если не считать единственного путешествия в Санкт-Петербург, самая долгая поездка на Lada XRay у меня была всего на 150 км. Запас хода в Geely Geometry C как минимум 300 км, поэтому «электричку» я брал без опаски. Тогда за машину я заплатил 35 тысяч долларов, а сейчас цены на них называют до $45 тысяч. Нетрудно увидеть в интернете, что «Геометрию» в России готовы забрать и за пятьдесят.

— Вау-эффекта при получении автомобиля я не испытал, потому как уже всё знал о модели. Читал на тематических порталах, форумах и смотрел обзоры.

“The handling and softness of the suspension is beyond praise.”

The Geely Geometry C is powered by a 204 bhp permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. Maximum torque of 310Nm is transmitted to the front wheels. The top version (like our protagonist) is equipped with a 70 kW⋅h battery and can travel up to 550 km on a single charge. At least, that’s what the dealers said in the sales brochures.

– This is the maximum configuration that was available for the Belarusian market. Of course, there are more advanced Chinese variants with “extras”, but officially they are not sold here. I tried to add to my Geometry C as many options as possible. Thus appeared auto-opening of a boot lid and mudguards.

– I like the work of the autopilot, although compared to the Chinese one it is severely trimmed, so it looks more like an advanced adaptive cruise control. I get out to regional towns every weekend. You sit back and relax – the car steers itself for you.

– The handling and softness of the Geely Geometry C suspension is beyond praise. Even my friends, who drive BMW and Audi, are delighted with the test runs on my “electric car”. I confess that out of the fifteen thousand kilometres I’ve driven, about a third have been driven by acquaintances. Everyone wants a ride – how can you say no! – smiling, says Konstantin.

– I wanted the option to obligatory include the boot lid self-release, the steering wheel and the windscreen heating. They are not here. Let the warm air in the electric car comes into the cabin at once, as from a hairdryer (sometimes even excessively), but it is felt that the windshield warms up more slowly in winter.

– I looked for a set for electric boot door in China for a long time: the price was too high (nearly $500), or there was no possibility to deliver it to Belarus. By the end of spring, when the dollar rate fell and logistics were restored, I ordered it. Set – $220, delivery – $120, sensor – $25 more. All in all – $380. I went to all dealers, but only in the showroom on Borovaya Street agreed to install. The rest either refused, or threatened to lose the warranty. I had to pay another $200 for installation. Теперь электропривод крышки багажника работает и сильно облегчает жизнь!

— Очень нравится система очистки воздуха в Geometry C. Если в машине курят или даже парят вейпом, то она заработает автоматически. Not only does it plug in the appropriate filter, but it also ionises the air.

“The port is auto-lockable – no one will disconnect the car from charging.”

The Chinese electric car is equipped with a CCS Combo 2 charging port, allowing it to be powered from both home mains and fast ‘poles’.

– A big plus of the Geely Geometry C is that, unlike Tesla and other electric cars, you don’t have to buy anything. I noticed an interesting nuance: in other cars, the gun charges

Author: Ian Bogdanovich