Currently, manufacturers of charging stations and electric vehicles are moving towards a unified approach to charging connectors.

[:ru]Зарядка электромобиля[:]

We have already said that Belarusian drivers can charge their car at two types of gas stations: Mode 3 (slow charging of alternating current) and Mode 4 (fast charging of direct current).

Today, the most common type of connector on fast charging stations for our European region is CCS Combo Type 2 (for European electric cars) and Chademo (for Japanese electric cars and for Tesla with a special adapter). These are the connectors you can find at Malanka stations.

Electric vehicles with this type of connection can take charge speeds up to the maximum “fast” charge. This means that depending on the capacity of the battery and the initial charge level, the electric car will charge up to 80% in just half an hour.

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