Motorists, comparing the purchase of an electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine, first of all evaluate the effectiveness. The economic component consists of two factors - the cost of the electric car and the cost of ownership.

Today, electric cars are a bit more expensive than regular cars. The abolition of VAT and customs duties on the purchase of electric cars in Belarus makes it more profitable.

For comparison: if you take an electric car Skoda Citigo and a Skoda car of the same class with an internal combustion engine, then when traveling about 20 thousand km per year, the owner of an electric car will return the price difference in just 2 years, and then it will save significantly on fuel and car maintenance.

There are 350 electric vehicles in Belarus. By the end of the year, we can already see the figure of 2 thousand, by 2025 – about 100 thousand electric vehicles. Accordingly, by 2028-2030, their number will approach 300-400 thousand.

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