On May 1, 2019, car sharing of Hello cars started in Minsk, at the time of launch they had only Volkswagen Polo in their fleet. Three years later, in 2022, all the “cherries” of the automotive world are collected here (such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Volkswagen Tiguan and Taos, Skoda Karoq) and many other interesting specimens. Among the variety of models and brands, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor, Tesla Model X, which are electric, clearly stand out.
Representatives of the company, together with Malanka, decided to tell how electric cars feel in carsharing, whether there are any differences from cars with internal combustion engines and whether it is profitable to keep electric vehicles in your fleet.

Why did you decide to launch electric car rental, why exactly these models, what did you encounter at the very beginning of your journey?

— “We decided to try something new, without any special hopes – and were pleasantly surprised. The demand turned out to be quite good, everyone became interested in what it is and what it is eaten with”.

How many cars do you currently have?

— “We have over 600 vehicles in our fleet, 21 of which are electric cars: 20 Tesla Model 3 models, including Dual Motor, and one Tesla Model X”.

Is it expensive to rent an electric car?

— “No, the prices are very reasonable for a representative of this class. Tesla Model 3 – 0.89 BYN / min, Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor (without pasting) – 0.99 BYN / min, Tesla Model X – 1.99 BYN / min (no mileage limit)”.

Is there a difference in demand for ICE cars and electric cars?

— “Our entire fleet consists of new or popular models, but Tesla is a separate issue. They overtake even Mustang, Camaro, Challenger in popularity. Many take them before buying their own electric car to take a test drive, there have not yet been those I would change my mind about purchasing”.

What is the age of customers renting electric cars?

— “The majority of our audience is people between 25 and 45 years old. These are the ones who are really interested in electric vehicles, all the features and capabilities that they give”.

What difficulties do customers face when renting electric vehicles?

— “Many users, having rented a Tesla for the first time, did not immediately understand how to start it. The whole secret is in a silent engine. When you press the brake pedal, the car wakes up, and you can immediately go about your business. To avoid such questions, we removed the instructions how to use Tesla. There is a QR code on the driver’s side and inside the passenger compartment with a link to this video”.

Is there a difference between renting electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines?

— “In winter, users are more likely to prefer cars with internal combustion engines. This is due to customer fears due to myths about the safety and unreliability of electric vehicles”.

What is the difference in payback and maintenance cost of an electric car and a conventional car?

— “At the moment, we have not gone through the full calendar cycle of operation of electric vehicles, so we cannot compare their payback and economic indicators with the values of cars with internal combustion engines. For maintenance and refueling, electric vehicles are half the price, I can’t say the exact amounts”.

What are the difficulties and features in using an electric car in carsharing?

— “It happens that cars with internal combustion engines are parked in places intended for charging electric vehicles, because of this, it is difficult to recharge. This is more of a feature than a difficulty: we charge our electric vehicles ourselves, since an adapter is required for a quick procedure. We have specially trained employees who are exclusively engaged in replenishing the energy of electric cars. Another feature is that users are less likely to take electric vehicles over long distances, in this case preferring a car with an internal combustion engine”.