Factors affecting the power reserve of your electric vehicle

Speed. Smooth, eco-friendly driving allows you to optimize the power reserve. At a speed of 130 km/h, the power reserve on electric traction is halved.

Heating. Heating and air conditioning can take from 10 to 30% of the battery energy. At the same time, the other devices responsible for comfort (radio, optics, windscreen wipers, etc.) do not significantly affect the power consumption.

Climatic conditions. The outside air temperature directly affects the power reserve of your car (at 0 °C it is reduced by 10%).

Terrain. When climbing uphill, electricity consumption increases, which affects the power reserve. At the same time, during the descent, due to regenerative braking, the energy reserve is replenished.

Tire pressure. If the tires are insufficiently inflated, rolling resistance increases significantly, which leads to higher power consumption.

Transported cargo. Cargo transportation on the roof and movement with an open window increase wind resistance and, as a result, electricity consumption. The weight of the cargo also affects the power reserve.