The direction Minsk-Brest is one of the most popular among electric motorists. It was the M1 highway that Belorusneft provided the charging stations in the first place.

Malanka! To easily get to the city over the Bug, we offer the following route.

Drive 75 km from Minsk to the gas station No. 25 with the fast station Mode 4 ー it will charge an electric car in 7 minutes on a 35 km path. Then, after 70 km, you can charge at the fast station of gas station No. 29 in Baranovichi. Plan the next stop at gas station No. 44 after 105 km, and from there to ста 100 km to Brest. This city also has a developed charging infrastructure – there are 9 fast Mode 4 stations and 5 slow Mode 3 stations that allow you to charge an electric car overnight.

By the end of 2020, at least 6 fast EZS will be installed in Brest itself!

Construction takes place at lightning speed, stay tuned!