Lack of vehicles complicates the work of the Red Cross. The standard mode of transportation - by public transport - requires much more time. Sometimes nurses are physically unable to get to one or another point.

The first dealer to respond to a request for help was the official Geely Center Minsk dealer, who provided an electric car for the day, and the Malanka gas station network collected 25 food baskets for those in need.

During the trip of the electric car from Minsk to Mogilev, it was possible to help the nurse to take products of her wards, pick up prescriptions from the clinic, and buy medicine.

The electric car Geely Geomtry A has a battery of 61.9 kWh. With a battery of this capacity, you can drive 450 kilometers on a single charge. For the whole day, and this is about eight hours of continuous operation, the electric car was discharged up to 30%. And only on the way back to the capital they decided to recharge it. 40 minutes – and the car is charged up to 90%. This means that the electric car is again ready to be an environmentally friendly assistant for nurses and Red Cross volunteers.

This news is real Malanka! Now getting to the east of Belarus in the city of Mogilev by electric car is easy. We are telling.

Before leaving Minsk, wrap up at EZZ No. 4, on Partizansky Prospekt 156 with Mode 4 fast station ー it is capable of charging an electric car in 35 minutes on 140 km of track. This charge is enough to recharge the charge in Berezino. There you can charge at a fast station EZS number 5 on 120 kW! If your electric car allows you to take all the power, then in 7-8 minutes you will stock up on a course of 85 km. Meanwhile, only 95 kilometers will remain to Mogilev. This city also has a developed charging infrastructure – there are 4 fast Mode 4 stations and as many slow Mode 3 stations that will allow you to charge an electric car overnight if you want to stay in the city longer.

Construction takes place at lightning speed, it is likely that while you reach Mogilev, several more stations will appear there! Follow the news!