Beginning January 1, charging fees for electric vehicles at all ECS Malanka are being implemented. Please be sure to read the instructions before you start charging!

You can only pay for the charge with your bank card linked to your account in the Malanka mobile app. We have prepared a guide for you to make the charging process easier and clearer. If you have any problems with registration or using the mobile application you can contact Malanka’s 24/7 online support service at +375(29, 33, 25) 6-431-431.

Start the process of charging your electric car by downloading the mobile app:

1. Download the Malanka mobile app from the App Store or Google Play

2. Open the app and press the “Login” button

3. In the window that appears, click on “Sign up”.

4. Then enter your first name, last name, cell phone number, e-mail address and password and press the “Register” button.

5. Click “Accept” in the window with the public offer. Attention! If you reject acceptance of the public offer at this stage, registration will be cancelled and you will not be able to use the charging service.

6. Next, a window on using the payment system will open. Click “Accept”. Attention! If you press “Decline” at this stage the registration is canceled and you will not be able to use the charging service.

Then a window on successful registration will open. To complete registration, click “OK”. Done!

Please perform all manipulations via the mobile application, you can’t press anything on the station itself!

№ 1 Basic information in the Malanka app

If you have just signed up for the Malanka app, enter your email address and password and click “Sign in.

In the personal profile window that appears in the main menu, click on the right side of the screen and go to the window with the map of the charging stations.

Note that the electric charging stations on the map have different color designations, indicating the status of the electric charging station at the moment.

Green – station is available

Blue – station is busy

You will not be able to recharge at stations if they are marked this way:

Red – station is out of order, our technicians are working to bring it back on line

Grey – there is no communication with the charging station

Yellow – the charging station is on the territory with expired working hours (please check station’s working hours in the description)

The GPS map window that opens will display the user’s existing location and the power charging stations with their status marked. To route to the station, click on the green station label and the “Station Information/Route” button. Navigate to the specified station.

If you are already directly near the desired recharging station, the system will automatically locate it by GPS and prompt you to confirm your location by tapping the button in the upper right corner.

Warning! It may happen that the station will not appear on the screen. To do this, update the app or check the filters in the upper right corner.

Please perform all manipulations via the mobile application, you can’t press anything on the station itself!

№ 2 Selecting an EPS Station and Connector

When you arrive at the EPS station and confirm in the Malanka mobile app that you are near the station, the app will ask you to select the type of connector.

In order not to correlate the number of the station and the connector manually, it happens that you can get their numbers wrong, you can use the QR code that is pasted on the charging station.

In order to scan the code, enter the “Map” tab in the Malanka application menu. There, tap on the circle with a lightning and the button “Scan code” will appear. After this, bring the phone to the QR code pasted over the connector of the charging station. QR codes are numbered so that you will easily understand which port is used for charging.

Important! In case you do not use a QR code, then match the number printed on the instructions of the charging station in the upper right corner (the number consists of the first 6 digits) with the station number you have chosen in the mobile app. The first six digits should match. Next, connect the selected connector to the electric car.

Please perform all manipulations via the mobile application, you can’t press anything on the station itself!

№ 3 Charging through the site

Those drivers who, for some reason, cannot use the mobile app, can charge an electric car through the website

To do this, you need to enter the “Driver Portal” tab on the site.

A menu will appear on the screen, where the top line is “Login”.

Clicking on this line you automatically enter your profile, which you registered in the application.

Next, a menu will start similar to the menu in the mobile app.

Select the desired connector and connect the charger to it.

Please perform all manipulations via the mobile application, you can’t press anything on the station itself!

№ 4 Charging Process

Once you have connected the charger to your electric car, press “Start”.

Please note! There may be one active charging session in the app. Because of this, the “Launch” button will disappear from the charging stations menu.

Next, you need to select a certain amount of kW by selecting the “limits” tab or skip it if you want to charge the electric car to an actually full battery.

If you set the limits, the “Set Energy Limit” field opens next and by clicking on it, you can select the desired number of kW.

If you choose to charge up to 80%, in this case charging will end automatically. After selecting this function a window will open in which you will need to enter your payment card details.

Before starting the charging session, you must first select the connector and the limits, then insert the connector into the machine, then select the card – the charging session will start!

Don’t rush to insert the charging cable into the electric car right away. Select the desired station, the connector, insert the charging gun into the electric car, then set the kWh limit and select your charge card. Please note that from the moment the electric car is connected to the charging station and the charging process is activated through the app, the interval should be no more than one minute.

№ 5 Payment options for the charging session

1. Preauthorize funds.

If you are charging for the first time, after entering your card information, save it. For subsequent charging, you will simply select the card by clicking on it, and then the charging session will begin.

If you want to enter another card data, select the “Enter card data” tab again.

Important! At each charging session after selecting a card for payment, you will be reserved an amount of money depending on the connector selected:

Type 2: 12 rubles

Chademo/CCS: 25 rubles

2. Internal balance

Through the mobile app, by chatting with technical support, Malanka specialists can transfer your profile to an internal balance.

Internal balance is a special account of the User in Malanka service, reflecting the amount of money the User is entitled to use to receive Services.

In order to refill your internal balance, you have to enter the “Payments” menu item.

Then, select the amount to be recharged and click on “Replenish”. Then you choose a credit card for recharging. After that your internal balance will be replenished on the amount, which was chosen earlier.

With this type of payment, there will be no preauthorization of funds and after choosing the connector you do not need to select a credit card.

Please make all manipulations through the mobile app, you can’t press anything on the station itself!

№6 Ending the charging session

To end the charging session, press the “Stop” button, disconnect the connector from the machine and insert it into the charging station holder.

Warning. It is never a good idea to end the station by pressing the red button. This can damage the charging station.

Then confirm the end of the charging session in the Malanka app. In the window that appears, click “Yes” if you want to end the charging session, or “Cancel” if you changed your mind.

The app will then save the check in the “Completed sessions” or “Payments” tab.

Remember, the correct operation of the stations in the future depends on your attentiveness and careful attitude to the equipment.

№7 Online-chat support

Sometimes there can be situations that baffle even the most experienced electrician. If you are in one of these situations – charging does not work, the station is out of order or some other problem occurs – please contact our support service, our specialists will help you.

In almost every section of the Malanka mobile app you can find a button to contact online support. In addition to the text message, you can illustrate your question with a photo.

We would like to remind you that Malanka’s online support is available for you around the clock at +375(29, 33, 25) 6-431-431.

Have a good trip!