In order to ensure that the use of electric charging stations does not cause any difficulties, the Malanka electric charging station network advises to pay attention to some features of their operation.

The connectors at Malanka electric charging stations are oriented to the European type of charging and are mostly represented by CCS Combo 2, CHAdeMО and Type 2 standards.

However, a range of electric cars, which is represented in Belarus, was not always localized by the manufacturer for the European region. Drivers have to perform different tricks to be able to charge the electric car at all electric charging stations. One of such methods is the usage of adapters.

Malanka draws the attention of electric owners: the usage of adapters may not be safe.

When voltage spikes that may occur due to short circuits, overload or overheating, there is a high risk of fire of the adapter. This can damage the station and the electric vehicle.

This is especially true for custom connectors.

Malanka warns you: the usage of custom connectors, as well as the usage of non-approved producers on the network electric charging stations, is strictly prohibited.

If your electric car has a charging port that is not compatible with Malanka charging station connectors, the best solution is to replace the port in the car. This service is provided at all maintenance stations that specialize in the electric car care.

We also pay your attention to the fact that when using adapters, it can be difficult to start the charging process. Be careful when stopping charging with the emergency button. If you use an adapter, it may jam. And if the driver forgets to release it, then in the application this station will automatically become inaccessible, so do not forget to release the emergency button if you pressed it.

Do not have to hurry to insert the charging cable into the electric car immediately after starting the application. Select the desired station, select the connector, set the limit of kWh and immediately before choosing your payment card, plug the connector into the electric car. Please note that from the moment the electric car is connected to the charging station and the charging process is activated through the application, the interval should not exceed one minute.

Be a careful user and make sure that all equipment remains in working condition when leaving the station.

Have a nice trip!