From 1 March 2023, legal entities will be able to use the software module for charging corporate electric vehicles.

To do so, only 3 simple steps are required:
1. review the Public Offer Agreement;
2. Fill in the application form for registration and send it on company letterhead to;
3. To receive an e-mail message with access details to the Personal account.
In the program module, clients will be able to view the statistics and history of charging sessions, the balance of funds on the balance, add and delete users with access to the company balance. The new module will allow companies to register an unlimited number of drivers, who will be able to charge in the EHS network using the company’s total balance and display sessions in their application. The personal account will also show the average duration of a charging session, consumption in kWh, the history of expenses and receipts for the selected time period, the locations where charging took place, and much more.
The cost of charging services for electric vehicles in the MALANKA network for legal entities will remain the same: for slow charging – 0.40 RUB/kWh, for fast charging – 0.49 RUB/kWh.
In addition, the MALANKA network launches a bonus programme for corporate customers. The discount system will be applied on a progressive scale; its amount will depend on the amount of electricity consumed when charging electric vehicles in the previous month.