Malanka has launched a chat bot that gives detailed answers to the questions of electric vehicles drivers about payment, charging and operation of electric cars.

Belarusian EV drivers can now receive prompt advice on the operation of the charging infrastructure, payment for charging, as well as on the operation of the Malanka mobile application. A special chatbot for electric vehicles drivers has been launched by Malanka. Chatbot is available in Telegram.

When using the chatbot you first need to select a category of questions. After that the bot will transfer you to the desired section and provide an answer.

“Every day the number of similar questions that our support service has to answer increases as the number of EV drivers grows. More than 250 electric car drivers have joined our app this month alone. As a rule, these questions concern charging an electric car, linking a card to the mobile app or what to do if the car would not charge. We have created this chatbot for our clients to have the opportunity to receive quick responses to their questions. In the chat, all inquiries are divided into categories and even new users should have no difficulty to find the answer to their question.” Malanka specifies.

If the user could not find an answer in the automatic system, they can always form their own question by contacting the support hotline on the following phone numbers: +375 (33,29,25) 6-431-431 or by e-mail