Detailed instructions for using the Malanka mobile app at the link

From September 21, it will be possible to charge the electric car on all 267 charging stations of Malanka only with the help of mobile application, but still for free.
To use the service, all owners of electric cars need not only to download the application in the Apple Store and Play Market, and register in it, but also to enter the following test payment card data:

The card number: 4200 0000 0000 0000
Holder: John Doe
Valid to: 01/21
CVC: 123

Now you can charge the electric car at most stations directly using the connector and pressing the “Start” button. From September 21, Malanka EV charging stations network will work in a new way, only through the application.

The process of transferring the EV charging stations will be held in two stages: September 15-16 – in regions, from September 16 to 21 – Minsk.

The company explains that it is necessary to test the work of the charging stations, mobile application, payment system and to avoid possible difficulties for drivers, when the charging will be paid already from the personal bank card of the electric car owner.

During the validity period of the test card, the drivers of electric cars will be notified to their mobile devices that the charge has started, how many kW are currently charged and how much will be billed. The company believes that payment with the help of the mobile application only will allow drivers to adapt to the new conditions of the charge vacation and, when the paid tariffs will be introduced, it will allow to avoid errors in the use of the charging station.

If drivers have any questions about the operation of the application, they will be able to ask them in the tab “Support Service”, the same question can be illustrated with a photo. The specialists of Malanka charging stations will promptly react and help to solve the problem. You can also use the 24-hour phone number: +375 (33,29,25) 6-431-431 or send an e-mail to

At the moment, the most common problem at the stations is the Emergency button. If drivers press the button and forget to depress it, this station automatically becomes unavailable in the application. In order to avoid this, Malanka is asked to be attentive to the equipment at the charging station.

Let us remind you that the cost of 1 kW at DC stations will be 0,39 BYN, at AC stations – 0,29 BYN. At the same time, the Malanka charging station will supply electric power for charging at sessions – in other words, up to the required level of charging. At slow charging stations the cost of one session will be 5,46 BYN, at fast charging stations – 7,34 BYN, whatever the number of kWh. Parallel existence of two payment options will be introduced to determine which of them will be more popular among consumers and eventually leave the most convenient option.