Since the launch of the Malanka mobile application in July this year, it has been downloaded by over 2000 drivers. Even before the official launch of the application, the specialists of the Malanka electric charging station offered the Belarusian electric drivers to leave their feedback in order to improve its work and correct the shortcomings. In three months, the drivers left more than 700 requests and suggestions regarding not only the application but also the operation of the electric charging stations.

To leave the feedback, to inform about faults of stations, to offer a variant, how to improve the interface of the application, to specify places for installation of new filling stations, drivers could both in special section in the menu of the application, and having sent the offer in mail.

Due to the feedback of the electric car drivers, the specialists of Malanka have improved the navigation of the application, have added additional parameters, have corrected the faults in the work of the charging stations, have replaced the damaged cables at the stations, have eliminated the problems with the incorrectly displayed number of kilowatt-hours released for charging, have correctly indicated the location of QR codes at the stations and the addresses of the charging stations.

Almost every third electric drivers’ request concerned the fact that drivers of cars with internal combustion engines occupy parking lots with charging points, which does not allow electricians to recharge their electric car. The question that the traffic police should include a paragraph of the rules, which would provide fines for parking spaces occupied by drivers for charging, was announced during the first forum on the development of electric mobility, E-mobility-2020, which was held in October in Minsk.

Today Malanka specialists continue to work through the moments that need to be finalized. And they thank the testers for paying attention to even insignificant details. In Malanka we are convinced that if drivers continue to actively leave their wishes and suggestions in the support service, it will provide all electricians with the maximum level of service.

One of the first testers of the application was the citizen of Minsk Eugene, who admitted that the application had some shortcomings. However, he is pleased with the fact that Malanka listens to the drivers and tries to make the service better.

Malanka interview

“I have been driving an electric car for a long time. At first it was quite budget, with a minimum power reserve, then I bought a better one. Since I am a charging station user with experience, when Malanka asked the drivers for help, I immediately responded. I would highlight two main problems that electricians most often face.

The first of them: The electric charging stations were simply turned off. That is, when you come to the charging, you see the message: “Use another station”. And I want to note that electric car drivers do not have such luxury as ordinary drivers, to stop at a gas station nearby. The fact is that when your battery runs out, you just may not have time to find another working station nearby. I had to call a tow truck. And the second problem: even if there is nothing wrong with the station, you risk to run into a car with an internal combustion engine. And to all requests to move the car, the drivers react very aggressively. Before Malanka launched the application, it was very difficult to find feedback from the operator of the station, now, of course, much easier. Nevertheless, we, the electricians, would like to be heard in another key question. It should be possible to charge the electric car manually. Because the phones, unfortunately, very often fail: they are discharged, the phone may run out of money, the Internet is unavailable. And how many times I had to help foreigners who came to the stations and were just confused. They do not have Belarusian SIM, they do not understand how to download the application. For such cases there should be an opportunity to charge manually, even if it is paid. Still, I believe that Malanka will deal with all the shortcomings. Because I can say that there is no greater pleasure than driving an electric car. I live in a private house where the electricity tariff is 0,08 BYN per kilowatt. That is, 100 km costs me 1.6 BYN. Not to mention the savings on maintenance. So we will continue to improve and improve the service of charging stations, so that electric drivers forget about tow trucks and non-operational stations forever”.

At the moment, Malanka specialists, in addition to the efforts to further improve the application, which will primarily affect the fact that each charging station will be equipped with an access point wi-fi, which will allow you to download the application and pay for the charge, there is another important task: in 2021 to begin installing super-fast filling stations that will allow you to charge the electric car at 350 km in 10 minutes.

There will also be instructions on how to download an application with a QR code in English for foreign guests at all electric charging stations. The Malanka plans to finish this work by the end of 2020.

Now there are about 1200 electric cars in Belarus, but according to the forecasts of Malanka specialists their number will approach to 100 000 by 2025.