Now the Malanka gas station network is designed to service 9 thousand electric vehicles, in two years this figure will increase to 35 thousand.

Already this year 180 new charging stations will open, in 2021 another 190. A network is developing in the city and on the highways.

The main direction of development is fast charging stations with a capacity of 50 kW, installed in the city near shopping centers, railway stations, transport hubs, which allow charging for 35 km in 5-7 minutes (120-150 km in half an hour).

In the future, “Malanka” will move towards increasing the power of gas stations to save motorists time. This year, the power of some gas stations is already 150-180 kW. That allows the electric car to charge up to 150-200 km in half an hour.

The future lies in super-fast charging systems with a capacity of 350 kW, which replenish the battery by almost 200 km in four minutes.

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