The number of charging stations in 2021 will grow to 600, new incentive measures for drivers of electric cars will appear, and the traffic police will consider making changes to the traffic rules. Andrey Kotik, Belorusneft Deputy Director, told about what awaits the electric transport market in the near future during the first Belarusian forum on the development of electric mobility E-Mobility 2020.

” For a total transition from internal combustion cars to electric cars, four factors must coincide: electric cars must be affordable, have a wide range of models, charging infrastructure must be well-developed and electric cars themselves must have sufficient battery capacity,” – explained Andrei Kotik during his speech at the forum.

In Belarus, the number of electric cars has doubled over six months. Today in our country there are 1.2 thousand EV – this is the official data. This is due to zero customs duty and VAT cancellation. Drivers are more courageous to switch to electric cars and because in Belarus the infrastructure for charging is being developed, the distances between the nearest stations are being shortened, the focus is on the installation of fast poles. What does the national operator of the filling station network Malanka offer besides that?

Today, in addition to the abolition of VAT and customs duty, free parking is provided for electric car owners, and the procedure for installing charging stations has been simplified. In the near future, Belarus is considering the possibility of providing a discount on the purchase of electric car, free travel on toll highways. And to encourage cab services and delivery to replace your fleet of cars with an electric one, representatives of Malanka during the forum offered to save IE from taxes when switching to electric transport.

“Now in Belarus there are 571 stations, which means that by 2021 there will be more electric fuel stations than traditional ones. Also next year we will launch a pilot project on super fast charging, where you can charge up to 350 km in 10 minutes. We are planning two such stations so far. We will study the demand and their load. All the stations together will be able to serve up to 30 thousand cars”, – Andrey Kotik announced his nearest plans.

The representatives of the traffic police at the E-Mobility forum told that they are considering changes in the traffic rules. The changes concern the prohibition of stopping and parking of vehicles in places intended for charging electric transport. If the rules provide for liability for violation of the rules for stopping/parking in such places, the State Automobile Inspectorate believes that the problems with occupied electric charges will disappear.