According to research company Canalys, sales of electric cars in Europe grew by 72% in 2020, while the market for cars with internal combustion engine fell by 26%. According to estimates of the Belarusian national operator of filling station network Malanka, in less than 5 years on the Belarusian roads will drive more than 100 thousand electric cars. However, today there is no training electric car in any driving school in Belarus, although according to a survey of the British company HPI, 8 out of 10 young drivers are likely to choose to buy an electric car. Malanka offered its solution.

Starting from October 13 one of the groups of students will have several driving lessons on electric cars at the driving school ” Road alphabet”. Future drivers will not only try themselves as electric drivers, but also will learn how to charge electric cars. The training program at driving schools does not provide training in car maintenance, Malanka decided to fix it: the pupils will be explained the principle of the electric car charger and will learn how to charge an electric car with the help of the Malanka mobile application.

And the leadership of the driving school will have the opportunity to conduct an experiment: is the school today ready to use the electric car as an educational car, and can you save on gasoline and repair the school’s fleet, if you partially replace it with an electric car.

“Maintaining the school’s car park is very expensive: daily refueling, replacement of consumables and parts that wear out quickly during operation. I have heard that electric cars can help to avoid these problems, but it never even occurred to me to replace gasoline cars with electric cars in the driving school. Let’s see what will come out of this experiment: how electric cars will cope with daily loading and whether our pupils and instructors will like these innovations”, – says Olga Kuzmina, the director of the driving school “Road alphabet”.

Malanka claims that the infrastructure has already been created in Belarus in order to use electric cars also for commercial purposes.

“Malanka has already conducted an experiment with delivery service, when we replaced one of the cars with an electric car, and then received positive feedback. And the experiment in driving schools is our goal for the future. A new generation of drivers has grown up, who, we are sure, will sooner or later face the question of which car to choose. Today’s young people understand modern gadgets, value their time and think about ecology. In addition, electric motorists have a number of benefits, which makes buying this type of transport profitable. Driving an electric car today is a prestigious thing. We are confident that after this experiment, the ranks of electric motorists will be replenished, “- says Deputy Director of “Belorusneft” Andrey Kotik.

The electric car for the driving school – Honda Clairate, with a battery capacity of 17 kW / h, provided the company WestMotors. If you use the calculator Malanka, you can calculate that even with the introduction of tariffs, charging such an electric car will cost 6.63 kopecks per day, at a time when the gasoline car will require refueling for about 20 rubles (provided that the day the car passes about 100 km).

Thus, if the driving school buys at least one electric car in its fleet, it will save about 300 rubles per month only on gasoline, not to mention the spare parts and maintenance of training cars. This will allow the school to gain a competitive advantage, as it will eventually reduce the cost of education, which includes the cost of gasoline.

In addition, Malanka and the driving school “Road alphabet”, offers an express course of driving an electric car to all interested students of driving schools. To do this, fill out the Google form. Malanka will choose five participants, who will be the first in Belarus to hold special certificates for electric car driving.