Development of electric transport is one of the priority tasks for Belarus. In addition to import privileges for electric cars and still free electricity at charging stations, our country is also developing infrastructure. By the end of the year there will be about 200 new filling stations in Belarus, and since March this year the national operator of the filling station network Malanka has launched a pilot project of eco-parks.

Eco-parking looks unusual: instead of the asphalt-covered area in front of us, a special lawn, where electric cars park and charge right on the grass. There were no such parking lots in the capital before, the first one appeared in the Lebyazhiy neighborhood this spring.

“Ecological parking is a European trend: natural lawns, paths for pedestrians and charging stations do not spoil the landscape of city streets and yards, do not turn them into concrete jungle. That’s why we decided to experiment and make the first charging station – grass lawn, it differs from other parking lots and shows the eco-friendliness of our project”, – comments Andrey Kotik, Belorusneft Deputy Head.

This is the first project of eco-parking for the Malanka chain of electric charging stations, before parking at Lebyazhye, Malanka installed charging stations at the already completed charging stations and parking lots.

The construction of such a site is simple: a lawn lattice is laid on a special drainage, the cells of which can be planted with grass or lay stones. When the grass germinates, the parking lot looks like a real green lawn, which can be easily tidied up with a regular lawn mower.

The parking lot in Lebyazhye is designed for a large number of cars; here you can leave five electric cars for charging at the same time. Andrey Kotik stresses that if the demand for charging is high, it will not be difficult to increase the number of charging columns for Malanka.

As for the question of if there is a similar eco charging in other areas of Minsk, Andrei Kotik said:

“Let’s wait for the spring of next year. We will see how the parking lot will survive the winter, if everything is good, then in spring we can talk about increasing their number in the capital. For now, we would like to see other organizations take this project on their minds. We believe that the future lies not only in electric cars, but also in ecological parking for them,” concluded Andrey Kotik.