Adapters and connectors

Connectors at charging stations Malanka focused on the European type of charging and are mostly represented by the CCS Combo 2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 standards.

However, the model range of electric cars, which is presented in Belarus, is not always localized by the manufacturer for our European region. And drivers have to go to different tricks in order to be able to charge an electric car at all charging station. One of these ways is to use adapters.

Malanka draw the attention of electric vehicle owners: using adapters can be unsafe.

If there is a power surge that may occur due to a short circuit, overload or overheating, there is a high risk of fire in the adapter. This could damage the charging station and the vehicle. This is especially true for homemade connectors.

Malanka draws the attention of the owners of electric vehicles: it is strictly forbidden to use homemade adapters, as well as non-certified manufacturers on the charging stations!

In case if your electric vehicle has a charging port incompatible with charging station connectors. Malanka,the best solution is to replace the port in the vehicle. This service is provided at all service stations that specialize in servicing electric cars.

Available connectors at stations Malanka: